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My 2016 Health Pledge


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Welcome to Mindful Monday – Healthy Living! A healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to protect oneself. Each week I make one step towards my healthy living. Already finished Week 1 and Week 2. This is the third week.

Almost one month flew away fast in 2016. But its better late than never. I was breaking my head to frame My 2016 Health Pledge. And I am very much delighted to share it here:


Today I pledge 

To make good health a priority of my life.

To keep the determination and commitment towards healthy living.

To reduce my weight by 10 Kilograms.

To have mindful healthy living.

To maintain a Food Diary.

To make a Master Health Checkup every year.

To have one day Fruit Fasting once in a month.

To drink Carrot Juice twice in a week.

To prepare healthy recipes for five days in a week.

To practice Eye Exercises.

To take adequate rest.

To maintain a cheerful, hopeful outlook on any situation.

To spend quality time with family or friends daily.

To spend time daily for spiritual awakening.

To motivate others to take this pledge.

I pledge today to live in good health for myself and my loved ones.


Last week : It was very cool as planned. I started my days with Yoga and Meditation. I thanked my food with prayer. I had slight irritation in my eye. I went for treatment and having tear drops four times a day. I started some eye exercises. Hope it would be better before next week.

I got this image from the cool body weight simulator posted by Colleen. Cool !!! Isn’t it ??? !!!

Useful Resource for this week : 

Share your health hacks with us……. Please feel free to join our health journey…..


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Author: Vasantha Vivek

I am Vasantha Vivek. A happy woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, seeker, lover …….I enjoy reading and writing very much … I start & end my days with reading … Now I started writing also … so come …My Sweet Nothings …

24 thoughts on “My 2016 Health Pledge

  1. Great going Vasantha🙂 I have too resolved for a healthy living in 2016 by the way of adopting yoga in my daily routine. It’s been a month and I am still Sticking to it. Though there has been no movement on the weighing scale but I am feeling the difference. I am picking up the eye exercises from your pledge because I too need them. I will ask the yoga teacher to suggest some. Thank you for bringing this healthy living challenge to us.

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    • Oh…..Happy hearing from you, dear….. Let us all work together for our better health…… For me too, the scale on the weighing remains still all the time …..😛 But I will make it move down for sure ….😛

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  2. The body simulator sounds cool but honestly there doesn’t seem any visible difference of 10 kg. That is a lot of weight to lose for sure! Your posts remind me to take my health into my own hands. Thanks for keeping me on track!

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  3. HI Vasantha, wow that is one hell of a pledge sorry for my language. I am deeply impressed. And I cheer you on! You can do it!!!!!

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  4. Vasantha, when I first started my weight loss journey a few years ago, it took 3 weeks before I lost any weight. I think my body had to adjust to me eating regular meals. Once you lose a couple pounds it seems to do better and you lose a little quicker. I am so happy for your results this week. Your yoga and meditation will figure into your weight loss in no time. The simulator was fun and gives you something to look forward to, especially if you have large amounts to lose. Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you!❤

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  5. Reblogged this on Silver Threading and commented:
    Vasantha shares her healthy living goals for 2016 and has fun with the weight loss simulator!❤

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  6. Nothing better than to resolve to be fitter and healthier. Make a weekly plan for your weight loss goal so that you have daily diet and exercise targets. Good luck.

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  7. Seems like you’re on the right track to healthy living. Kudos and keep at it🙂

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  13. The information is very complete

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