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3-Day Quote Challenge – Series 2 ( Love Is In The Air ) – Day 3


Oops ….I can’t believe time flies fast. It’s the last day of 3 Day Quote Challenge nominated by my friend sweet Claire.  A tons of thanks and hugs to her.

The rule insists to post only ONE lovely meaningful quote everyday.  But I think there should no rule for sharing our  lovable quotes. Anything EXTRA is always welcome for me. So on this day 3, I put forth EXTRA quotes from my favorites. Hope you won’t mind ….😛













This post is for Monthly Blogging SpecialLove Special, so I would love to nominate three of my friends whose name start with R. (  R for ROMANCE ) :

Regina of Wide Eyed in Wonder

Rekha of Dew Drops

Rachna of Rachna Says  


Photo Courtesy : Internet & Google

Linking this post to  Wordy Wednesdays of Blog-A-Rhythm. Today’s word is E – EXTRA.

” Extra Quote – Extra Love – Extra Energy – Extra Life “

Author: Vasantha Vivek

I am Vasantha Vivek. A happy woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, seeker, lover …….I enjoy reading and writing very much … I start & end my days with reading … Now I started writing also … so come …My Sweet Nothings …

20 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge – Series 2 ( Love Is In The Air ) – Day 3

  1. Glad you did not stick with only one quote. They are all wonderful!

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  2. Lovely quotes Vasantha. Glad you chose them all.

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  3. Very nice! One cannot have too many quotes!🙂

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  4. My favorite was the quote about loving and laughing abundantly. Laughter truly is the best medicine. One can not enjoy life without laughter.

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  5. So glad I stumbled upon this blog! Lovely quotes on love and yes, extra is always welcome.

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  6. Thank you for the nomination, much appreciated! I accept the nomination🙂
    Thank you!

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  7. All good quotes, but I think you saved the best for the last🙂 That one really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing. And oh, I love the header image on your blog. Crazy after such floating flower arrangements.

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  8. Your extra quotes were all good. I like the religion of love.

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  9. Quotes do seem to help us out a lot on days we feel down🙂 Good job🙂

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  10. Lovely quotes, I like the idea of extra quotes, love is never extra, always just right.

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